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Research Specialty Lists online with fresh, and up-to-date Business Lists ideas that are invaluable to companies offering service over the phone or through the mail.

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Specialty Lists, create a tracking strategy tailored specifically for your business marketing campaigns. Be sure to see our special limited time offer for your first order...

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Reach Millions of Financially Qualified Home Mortgage Holders and use hundreds of pre-qualifying Filters to create sales leads for any industry.


Specialty Mailing Lists

Specialty Lists - Vanzan will help you identify your market potential and target in on the prospects who are most likely to become high-value customers.

Using our wide range of demographics, psychographic behavioral, and lifestyle data we will create a custom marketing plan using time proven strategies.

Responsive and specifically targeted to suit your marketing goals.

Each specialty selection will be tailored to address the needs of direct marketers, most of which have very specific niches.

Built from the best Response Data we offer services to those who are looking for the most targeted information available, and want only the most responsive available.

Our staff of list research experts can be reached at 800-884-8395, or by clicking the Contact Us Here hyperlinks you will recieve custom proposal tailored to your needs

Vanzan is constantly striving to raise the edicut of the direct marketing indstry, and in doing so we have sought out and established relationships with the owners of very rare and hard to find databases.

Examples of available Specialty Mailing Lists:

Whatever your markeing needs are there is a perfect group of prospects out there and we can help you market to them. Contact us no matter how bizzar or impossible yor needs may seem to be, we have heard it all, and 99.99% of the time we get it right on the nose.

Targeting your specialty List to the affluent can be done with an experienced list broker for many reasons, sometimes what may seem like a possible client turns out to be someone in the business of symbolizing wealth. This is a segment of the American market that really has no discretionary money with which to buy anything let alone pay the dues at the country club, if someone has $10K in investable assets but is having a very difficult time paying his bills he is probably not in the league of those with business investment needs.

Current Specialty List brokers are privy to the results of past clients, they know that while you may request a catalog of prospects who are truly affluent today, you may also want to look at those who will be affluent tomorrow. For instance a young lawyer who makes $75K annually may not be a first choice as you are selecting criterion; but the savvy specialty list broker will know that if the same lawyer was primed and aspiring to become a partner of his firm in the next year, his average annual income could then exceed $350K; so while he may have little presently to invest, his law school information with the input of his age would make him a credible candidate for a financially sound future.

A list can reveal millionaires when the millionaires themselves grossly underestimate their wealth; many never realize their affluence until they have estate plans prepared. The growth figures for this type of household indicate that a major market opportunity exists for those who possess an expertly targeted list.

Specialty Lists are updated and enhanced constantly. Since consumers interests are ever changing, the freshness of our data is a major concern. Exact is always acquiring data to ensure our database is as recent and accurate as possible, and to maintain our position as a leader in the Direct Marketing industry. Be sure to see our Guarantee

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Over 200 contact titles and 144 data fields. This comprehensive database will allow marketing managers to work in tandem with the upcoming standards changes. Start Your research below to find everything from credit to Business Performance, past purchases, and Income.

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Lenders, and more specifically loan brokers will need to be very competitive these days because lost time on a dead deal costs us all money. Start below to find hundreds of highly targeted marketing list filters to weed out the non-qualified.

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Consumer Data Insight

Start a campaiign with deep insight into the prospect and use this knowledge into your prospective clients actions and then apply the new data set in order to make it easier to loacate and sell to new sales prospects long term.

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