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Business Direct mail (B2B) is advertising or informational material sent to a targeted business list or even a targeted individual executive.

Learn More About SIC Codes:

What is a Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code? A SIC Code is a four to eight-digit code used to determine and classify a specific industry.

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For example: The SIC code, "2091"is for "Canned and Cured Fish and Seafoods." The first two digits "20"will indicate the major group of Food and Kindred Products.  The third digit "9" breaks the industry down further into "Miscellaneous Food Preparations and Kindred Products. "The final digit "1"indicates the most specific part of the classification: "Canned and Cured Fish and Seafoods." If the last digit had been "8"instead of "1"then the specific industry would have been "Macaroni, Spaghetti, Vermicelli, and Noodles."

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Here is another example of a SIC code: "1041" is the industry code for "Gold Ores." Breaking this code down, we see that the first two digits "10"indicate the major industry of "Metal Mining."The third digit "4"means "Gold and Silver Ores."Because the code ends with a "1,"we know that this code is specific to "Gold Ores."Had the code ended with "4,"then it would be "Silver Ore."

The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code system of industrial classification was created in the 1930's by the government, to identify a type of business establishment by using a four-digit numerical code. The major industry determines the first two digits of the code.

The last two digits narrow the identification down to a specific group within the larger industry. All economic activities are identified using the Standard Industrial Classification system.  From agriculture to zoos and recreation, each industry fits within the code parameters into its own specific classification.

What is the Purpose of coding all businesses in the USA?

The purpose of creating the Standard Industrial Classification coding system was not only to identify an industry but also to collect statistical data in a uniform way between government agencies and private conglomerates. This made collecting, analyzing, and presenting data and statistics much more timely and accurate.

Some professionals believe that the use of SIC codes is diminishing due to the implementation of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), we don't buy it but we can offer help in using that at no charge. Download a SIC Code to NAIS Conversion Tool.

The NAICS Coding System was release back in 1997. It is a six-digit number given to each business type. The first five digits are standardized in all of North America. The NAICS was unveiled by the United State's Commerce Department back in 1997 when the Census Bureau released the 1997 Economic Census.

The United State’s Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have an internet site that provides the 1987 version of the SIC Manual. The website allows the user to search SIC codes by description and it provides information about each specific industry. It also enables the user to examine the structure of the SIC coding system. Please visit the site for more information.

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