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In November the San Diego Grand Hyatt will be holding the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association annual Meeting and Expo. The topics will include

  • State legislative and regulatory updates.
  • The role of home equity as a part of senior financial planning.
  • Reverse Loan Lead Generation .

Still many people don't know about the product that is reverse mortgage. For the most part, there has either been a void of information or old accountings of reverse loan lead generation resulting in sad mistakes that are swirling the news along with persuasive rumors rapt with unfounded verbal elements that have no hold in light of new legislation. Instead of highlighting the fact that a reverse mortgage is a service, it falls to the assumptions behind the sensationalistic buzz..

Working for Better Financial Conditions and Leaving Reverse Leads in their Homes

It would appear that if you are working with Reverse lead generation homeowners, your work is cut out for you. It's time to get the word out that reverse mortgage is preemptive of success stories. That brokers and lenders working hand- in-hand with the FHA and the HRMLA Code of Ethics,whose mission it is not only to keep homeowners out of foreclosure; but also to allow for a line of credit and supplemental income that can pay for medical bills not covered by insurance.

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With over 400K reverse mortgage loans on the books over 90% of the participants have been placed in better financial condition allowing them to stay in homes that they purchased even if a spouse dies and their pension and social security ends for the household.

The protection of a reverse mortgage and insurance which is comparable in price to any mortgage product, applies even when the downturn of home value depletes the property and the neighborhood properties; such as has happened in most areas of our country in light of the mortgage lending debacle.

Reverse Mortgage or Home Equity Conversion for Purchase

Reverse Mortgage Leads are mostly seniors that may be facing hardships beyond the economy that has most likely drained their portfolio. They have heard and read the biased news slants and are fearful of the "experts" that can reach out to help them. Reverse Mortgage Leads are also found in affluent households. These are homeowners that will use a reverse mortgage for financial planning in several ways:

  1. In lieu of the gifting aspect. Gifting allows for the reduction of death and estate taxes, with a repositioning of assets to an irrevocable trust.
  2. Closing a second home that is a bargain in our distressed marketplace.
  3. Obtaining a reverse mortgage to benefit from the revoked limits on next years tax free Roth IRA assets.

The Reverse Mortgage has been around for twenty some yearsand has recently embraced development, in January we saw a new program based on the traditional model called the Home Equity Conversion for Purchase. This is a reverse mortgage that allows consumers aged 62+ access to the fundamental package but for a purchase rather than for refinancing.

With the stimulus package raising the reverse mortgage loan limit until 2010, it's a favorable time to be in your business. Using a direct mail campaign with your leads offers you a great shot at setting the record straight as far as the muddled news goes; as well as giving you a platform to introduce the new aspects of this up and coming product.

Seniors Accessing Loans - Some of Our Favorite Success Stories

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