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Is it All About Response Lists?

Response Lists. These are proven buyers! These strategic marketing methods usually get the best return by pinpointing prospects who have purchased similar products which are in the same price range, they have responded in some way to show an interest in the exact product or service.

For example: A store mailing out a western wear catalog that costs $7 to porint will not want to blanked the area around them because not everyone could appreciate western wear, this would cost a trmendous amount of money with hardly a result. What your sonsultant might suggest is to send the direct mail catalog to horse owners or proven country music buyers.

How about magazine subscriber lists ? These are some of the best and largest databases available. They allow us to pinpoint your market extremely well based on the prospects interest, if you think about it, you would not subscribe to Kung Fu magazine without a firm interest in martial arts.

The benefits of targeted lists reach far beyond the improved morale of a sales force who has their hot leads tucked neatly in their briefcases.

A highly targeted and prioritized list will save countless dollars in printing, production, and mailing costs because your qualification process will already been done – in one easy step – by building your list based on the characteristics of the best existing, most profitable customers. gives you an unprecedented amount of control over the specific information contained in your marketing leads.

This combination of speed and control is priceless for marketers who need the ability to react quickly to changing market conditions and competitive situations.

We make it easy to reach our list and lead professionals. Look for the Contact Us Listings, or if you are visiting us during business hours, look for our Live Help Buttons and you can always call us at 800-884-8395.

On Testing Responses

To test you have to be able to track responses your mailing lists, there are many ways to accomplish this, and the simplest is to put a key number or code on the reply piece or a coupon code for them to call in and use, this will tell you which respondents come from which list. You can affix labels to your reply card and the response list owner can use his computer to apply a key code, the charge for this service is usually about one dollar per thousand, also a code can be numbers and letters in fine print drawn into the corner or fit into the address.

In essence, if you would like people to reply to "My Company" Dept M1, or Dept M2 they would send in the reply card that tells of mailing one or two, the same can be done with a telephone response by using an extension, ask them to request extension 101 or102 which are assigned to their particular mailing test. This type of code is used in print ads all the time, when people are told to ask for a specific extension, it is a testing device.

It is very important to track all responses to get accurate results, there will be people who respond by mailing or faxing back the reply card or order form that you provided, there will be people who order without your direct mail piece, there will be responders who phone in, there will be prospects who phone in using the test extension number, and also there will be people who are so motivated by the mail piece to contact a local sales representative. The more accurate your counts the more meaningful information you have about your testing.

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