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  • Mortgage Refinance Lead Information

    Mortgage Refinancing leads and the mitigation process together offer many ways for a mortgage loan negotiation to play out. Loss mitigation covers a range of services placed to ease the strain felt by homeowners and lenders when default is imminent. But it's everywhere, all over our country, cities lay bare as banks and borrowers lip-synch a days past due countdown of installments going into foreclosure.

    Of the available refinance and loss mitigation services (loan modification, short sale, special forebearance, deed in lieu of foreclosure, partial claim, cash for keys) a refinance seems to offer the best all around outcome. The circumstance of the lender/borrower relationship hitting a terrible standstill can only be relieved by a mediator while irony seeps from the missing contention. No one provoked it and yet loss was everywhere (as was blame). As troubled situations became newsworthy there were reports of efforts to block up credit issues exhausting the middle ground. Soon reports started to speak of homelessness, crime and poverty affecting a new group of people, the American family.

  • Relieving the Defaulting Mortgagor

    Refinancing mortgage loans was the answer. Those at the highest level of government worked to deliver distressed homeowners some relief with programs rushing through congress to help them refinance. In a country impacted by a worrisome job front and deepening default there was a call to help the mortgage refinance leads with new or modified loans for virtually every troubled mortgagor. Foreclosure was a devastation, as surely as consumer whims played out on the lenders dime, the financial free-for-all was taking in and putting out home owners.

    Competitive lending dispossed an entire sector of society almost out of the blue. Whole families were either made homeless or split apart for the duration. The damage went beyond the emotional toll, its physical presence was evoked by abandoned houses, ransacked sometimes by angry deposed tenants and other times by gangs, drug use and crime.

    The situation was intolerable for consumers remaining in other largely mortgaged homes with price tags hanging in the balance of depreciation and inescapable loans making a refinance close to impossible. News was bleak for a very long time until the $50 billion mortgage aid program began its surge nationwide.

  • Integrate a well defined offer with sound Buyer Insight

    An inexpensive and effective way to relay information to prospective customers is to use refinance leads. A lot of information can be packed into a brochure. You will also have the ability to use some space to advertise your own services and highlight how the information can be used to establish an immediate relationship with the customer.

    A sleek eye catching refinance lead generation brochure will be helpful in promoting a successful mortgage marketing campaign. By catching the consumer's eye, you will draw them in to read the information that is contained within and invariably they will wonder who sent this information to them.

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  • another stimulus?

    The recession that had a field day on the housing front was stifled. Necessary effort was behind change and loan servicers were given the ability to refinance, adjust and negotiate loans without the previous loss percentage. The stimulus was great but a problem remained as a lag in the delivery of mortgage news created an obstacle.

    While the bad relationship with lenders unsetled a great number of borrowers actively in a default process. They had no clue that previously resistant lenders were now backed by huge funding specifically slated for work with defaulting homeowners.

    And yet these are the same mortgage leads not answering phone calls that they suppose are irritated collection calls. We need another stimulus, one to address the problem, a liaison needs to be in place.

  • Loan Modification and Refinancing Leads

    Now loan modification and mortgage refinance leads that were previously denied assistance are being revisited, short sales accounting for 15% to 20% of home sales and garnering much less that what was owed may have been easier on lenders than the losses to foreclosure but they are easier still under the new program. Even deed in lieu of foreclosure has new support for mortgage companys handling the voluntary transfer.

    Benefits to lenders have offset the losses to default as well as the disturbance of possible new default. Lenders are ready to work with mortgage refinance leads, this change will stimulate the housing market and is accompanied by a $10 billion insurance plan to ease the losses that came with the drop in home pricing. There are many defaulting mortgage holders that qualify under the guidelines of the plan.

    The government is prepared to partially subsidize reductions to a third of income existing before tax provisions. Foreclosures continue to skyrocket and millions of refinance and loss mit leads need to be contacted.

  • Trigger Leads

    Triggered leads are an up and coming product that has created quite a stir in the mortgage community. In 40 states, the bureaus offer the name, address, age of loan, credit score, phone, and mortgage inquiry date to those brokers that want to compete with applicants that have had their credit run.

    On the one hand, these are proven buyers looking for a refinance loan – on the other hand, they are already working with a mortgage company. One thing to note on the mortgage trigger leads is that there are no media costs – in other words, there is no cost to find the prospect since it is triggered on the homeowners credit being run.

    This makes the retail price of Trigger leads very appealing. Even with a 4 or 8% closing ratio, most brokers are very happy with the overall cost per funding. Contact us for more trigger lead information.

Lifestyle Marketing

  • Education
  • Presence and type of credit card
  • Wealth Code (by net worth)
  • Occupation type, Occupation
  • Title, Median years in school
  • Length of Residence
  • Size of family dwelling unit
  • Homeowner type
  • Estimated home value
  • Median Home Value
  • Property type
  • Research Consumer Lists online with fresh, and up-to-date Targeted Leads ideas that are invaluable to companies offering service over the phone or through the mail.

Direct Mail Mortgage

Of all the reasons that Refinance Mortgage Leads consider applying for a loan, sometimes just adapting to changes in the economy forces a decision.

Certainly as the business digs in and becomes familiar with its objectives and goals, new ambitions are manifest.

But for some reason even as the business is strengthened with purpose and intent and begins to progress in every department for some reason making changes in the budget is neglected. The imbalance can lead to calamity.

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