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I am well placed know how bad most of these letters are, having received hundreds over the years. Yet i still do not think clients are paying enough. Tactical is all very well, but only good strategic thinking will build your . The script will evolve as it is used being adapted according the reactions it receives.

Thus in the case of the food processors i have just mentioned after doing straightforward pitches for the product it was decided try using somebody entertaining demonstrate the products. When my late partner martin topley and i were running the ideas letter, we were looking for a way make it more appealing prospective subscribers.

Prospect List info: Why should they do what you want?Odefine the attributes of the product or service: What benefits do they translate into? E. No sense in talking about branding before a good rhythm of has been reached. Not alarm them in any way. In studies undertaken by the pair, researchers found that streaming ads (a distinction between audio and video was not made) increased branded ad awareness by 23 percent, while the "big impression" format produced an eight percent lift.

See also Consumer Direct Marketing.

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