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Magazine Subscribers List Updated Weekly!

Exacts Magazine Subscribers List Offers you 24,000,000+ responses from consumers - generated by three separate sets of questions contained in surveys and present on product registration cards - regarding subscription and newsstand purchase information.

The base price for this file includes all magazine subject categories selected and one free demographic or lifestyle select, excluding premium selections.


24,678,486 Total Responses
2,893,379 3-Month Responses



Surveys and Product registration cards

1. The types of magazines to which they currently subscribe
2. The types of magazines they have purchased recently from newsstands
3. The types of magazines from which they would like to receive a greater number of subscription offers

These self-reported selects cover all aspects of how respondents live, what their interests are, and how they spend their time and their money.

Source: Responses to Equifax surveys; product registration card submissions

Total Responses: 24,678,486

3-Month Responses: 2,893,379

Total Number of Respondents: 9,019,562

These respondents are available for rental in conjunction with an extensive array of
lifestyle and
demographic Selects.

Updates Monthly. Inquire for monthly hotlines and other time-defined counts.

Contact us

  • African American

  • Animals

  • Astrology/Horoscopes

  • Auto/Driving Interests

  • Baseball

  • Birds

  • Boating/Water Sports

  • Business/Finance/Investing

  • Camping/Hiking

  • Cats

  • Celebrities/Stars

  • Children's Magazines

  • Coins/Gems

  • Computers/Internet

  • Country Lifestyles& Interests

  • Crafts/Sewing

  • Daytime Dramas

  • Diabetes

  • Dogs

  • Do-it-Yourself Projects

  • Dolls & Collectibles

  • Electronic Gaming

  • Electronics/Audio/Video

  • Entertainment/Music

  • Farming Interests

  • Photography

  • Fine Arts/Writing

  • Fishing

  • Cooking/Food/Wine

  • Full-Figured Women

  • Gardening

  • Gay & Lesbian

  • Golf

  • Gossip/Scandal

  • Health/Fitness/Nutrition

  • High Fashion

  • Hispanic/Latino/Spanish Language

  • Historical Interests

  • Home Décor

  • Homemakers -

  • General Interest

  • Horses

  • Hot Rods

  • Hunting/Guns

  • Inquiring Minds

  • Life Stages/Retired

  • Men's Magazines -

  • Adult

  • Men's/Fashion/Lifestyle

  • Motorcycles

  • Muscle/Bodybuilding

  • Musical Instruments

  • Mystery/Romance/Sci-Fi

  • News/Information

  • Nursing

  • Outdoor Interests

  • Parenting/Family

  • Personal Money Mgmt

  • Puzzles/Games/Gaming

  • Quilting

  • Racing

  • Reading - General

  • Regional Magazines

  • Scale Models

  • Science/Discovery

  • Religious/Spiritua

  • Sports - General

  • Interest

  • Sports

  • Teen Interests

  • Television

  • Travel/Vacation

  • Trucks Call

  • Upscale Call

  • Urban Music

  • Wedding/Brides

  • Women's/Fashion/Beauty

  • Woodworking

  • Wrestling

Demographic Selections:

  • Age Of Adults In Household
  • Home Owner/Renter
  • Number Of Children In Household
  • Occupation
  • Age Of Children in Household
  • Education *
  • Gender
  • Type Of Automobile Owned *
  • Marital Status
  • Length Of Residence
  • Income *
  • Speak Spanish At Home *
  • Lifestyle Selections
  • Credit Rating
  • Credit Cards

Fine Living/Travel

  • Airline Club/Frequent Flyer *
  • Attend Cultural/Arts Events
  • Cruise Ship Vacations
  • Fashion Clothing
  • Fine Art/Antiques
  • Foreign Travel
  • Gourmet Cooking/Fine Foods
  • Travel For Business
  • Travel For Pleasure
  • Wines

Great Outdoors

  • Camping/Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Hunting/Shooting
  • Motorcycles
  • Power Boating
  • Sailing

Hobbies & Interests

  • Automotive Work
  • Avid Book Reading
  • Bible/Devotional Reading
  • Bird Watching/Feeding
  • Collectibles/Collections
  • Computer Owners
  • Crafts
  • Electronics
  • Internet Subscribers/Users
  • Photography
  • Science/New Technology
  • Self-Improvement
  • Needlework/Knitting
  • Sewing
    Home Life

  • Cat Ownership
  • Dog Ownership
  • Flower Gardening
  • Grandchildren
  • Home Decorating/Furnishing
  • Home Workshop/
  • Do-It-Yourself
  • Horse Ownership
  • Vegetable Gardening

Music * Contact us for selects by music type

  • Opportunity Seeking
  • Casino Gambling *
  • Entering Sweepstakes
  • Moneymaking Opportunities
  • Investing & Money
  • Mutual Fund Investments *
  • Real Estate Investments *
  • Stock/Bond Investments *
  • Sports, Fitness & Health
  • Dieting/Weight Control
  • Golf
  • Health/Natural Foods
  • Physical Fitness/Exercise
  • Running/Jogging
  • Snow Skiing/Snowboarding
  • World & Environment
  • Community/Civic Activities
  • Current Affairs/Politics
  • Donate To Charitable Causes *
  • Interest In Specific Types Of
  • Charities (Inquire)
  • Wildlife/Environmental Issues *

Magazine Subscriber FAQ's

1. How is The Magazine Selector database compiled?

The data contained here comes to us through the two primary channels we use for the collection of self reported information: from consumer surveys and via product registration card programs we have in place with the manufacturers of a variety of consumer goods. Survey recipients are presented with the following question: "Which magazines does anyone in your household subscribe to or read regularly?" Respondents are able to enter in the names of up to four publications and are provided with check boxes to indicate whether they subscribe to each of the magazines they list or if they purchase them from a newsstand. In a related section of our surveys, consumers are also asked the following: "From which types of magazines would you like to receive more subscription offers in the mail?" Eleven magazine category types are offered, which explains why eleven sets of 3- and 24-month counts appear under the "Subscription Seekers" heading on this rate card. The magazine questions that appear on the above referenced product registration cards ask respondents to read through a list of specific publications and check off the ones they read on a regular basis.

2. Can specific publication titles be selected or suppressed?

Magazine publishers wishing to rent names from This file may select or suppress the names of their own subscribers or newsstand buyers. Other prospective renters are not permitted to select or suppress specific publication titles.

3. Are similar list products available in the marketplace?

No. This is a one-of-a-kind product.

4. Do certain magazine categories contain some of the same publications?

Yes. The "Outdoor Interest" category, for example, contains several of the same magazines as the "Hunting/Guns" grouping.

5. Does this file contain all subscriber names for any given publication?

No. The Magazine Selector only contains the
names that Equifax's surveying efforts generate.

6. Are rental rates for this file similar to those charged by list managers for traditional subscriber files?

No, These rates are lower. This is due in part to the fact that we do not divulge specific magazine titles (except under the circumstances outlined in the answer to question #2) and is also related to the fact that the file does not contain the majority of subscribers for any given publication. Another advantage of renting names from us, apart from the file's affordability: newsstand buyer and subscription seeker names are available nowhere else.

7. What is the best way of approaching This file from a marketing standpoint?

Two approaches we commonly recommend are: (1) to treat those respondents who have asked for more mail from specific types of publications as newsstand buyers rather than as subscribers, and (2), to modify high-quantity categories with a demographic selection such as age or income (remember, renters receive one demographic or lifestyle select free).

8. Where can I get further information about The Magazine Selector?

Contact us An Exact sales representative would be more than happy to help you.

Sample mail piece/script and mail/call date required.
Prices subject to change.

Delivery: 2-3 working days (custom orders require additional time)


  • 1-6 MONTH HOTLINES $6.00 /M
  • CARRIER ROUTE $5.00 /M
  • PHONE NUMBER $30.00 /M
  • SCF $3.50 /M
  • SELECTS - PREMIUM $10.00 /M
  • STATE $3.50 /M
  • SUBSCRIBERS $10.00 /M
  • ZIP $3.50 /M

Exact Magazine Subscribers List

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