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In many countries, government programs provide both health care services and insurance support for health care. The provincial governments of Canada, for instance, provide a fairly wide range of medical services to all of the country’s residents. Many governments also provide limited forms of disability insurance. People should understand what kinds of coverage government programs provide in order to determine what protection they need from private policies.

About 20 percent of people in the United States purchase individual health insurance to cover medical costs. Policies that cover all expenses for what is defined as medically necessary treatment provide better protection than do ones that limit benefits to accidents, cancer, or other specific causes for treatment.

The governments of many countries provide a basic level of health and disability insurance and services for their citizens. In the United States, the Medicare program, operated by the Social Security Administration, helps assure that people with disabilities and senior citizens have access to health services. Medicaid programs, funded by both state and federal revenues, also operate in all 50 states to provide medical care for the poor (see Medicare and Medicaid), We also offer Homeowner Mailer Leads.

Medicare medical insurance, which helps pay for routine medical care, is funded by contributions from the elderly and by general federal revenues. The U.S. government takes a tax out of people’s paychecks to fund Medicare hospital insurance, which helps pay for hospital care.

Life Insurance Leads info: SCanada also has provincially administered health insurance programs called Medicare (in most provinces) that are very different from the U.S. program of the same name. Under the Canadian Medicare program, each province and territory provides a wide range of health coverage to all residents. See also National Health Insurance.

Old-age policies pay out funds after a person retires. Most people’s protection for loss of income in their old age comes from annuities, policies that pay out regular monthly amounts for many years. In Canada and Australia, annuities are sometimes called superannuation policies.

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