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Where Are The Investment Properties (And Buyers)

Of all the ways to relieve consumer debt, buying property never came to this writers mind; but it is working. With odds so much better than those of a lottery these consumers are investing small amounts of cash on hand or literally purchasing with a credit card because of extremely low prices. The typical sale is made at 35% to 37% lower than market value, on top of that there are the "gems" or bottom dollar sales that do not require any type of negotiation. When the market is weak as it is now, prices take a significant plunge.

Investors interested in working with targeted "Investment Property Owner Lead List" are in luck. Our pre-foreclosure data can be subject to many different kinds of geographical targeting. In reference to a price range, we can pull by home value and days-late; which when using the aforementioned 35% to 37% average will hone in on the probability of acquiring a peek at your most probable investment opportunities. Homeowners in default are on the verge of some type of action, they are also typically not aware of options, bank held real estate also goes at less than the hoped for remaining principal and is highly regarded when their is an upturn in the economy of the town. Speak with a consultant to find out about your areas of interest.

This file is a great NEW list of people who responded to investing information and offers regarding new issues and IPO's as well as highly speculative and high return investment offers.

If the return is great these Real Estate Investors investors are ready to put their money up.

These investors tend to appreciate those returns which have a good risk-reward ratio. These are the investment respondents & prospects you're looking for!

This file is the perfect file for all Investment Opportunities, Mortgage Service Offers, Mortgage and Investment Publications, Seminars, Travel, Online Services, and much more!


6,103,639 Households
Telephone Numbers
UNIVERSE BASE PRICE 6,103,639 $70.00 /M
Multi-Sourced Private Database
Domestic (US)
Investment Brokers, Credit Card Companies, Banks, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Publications, and Mortgage Planners

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  • AGE $5.00 /M
  • GENDER $5.00 /M
  • HOME OWNER $10.00 /M
  • HOME VALUE $10.00 /M
  • INCOME $5.00 /M
  • STATE, SCF $5.00 /M
  • ZIP $6.00 /M

Quantity: 5,000
Value: $0.00

Key Coding is available
Charges: $3.00 /M


  • 4 UP CHESHIRE LABELS No charge
  • DISKETTE $40.00 /F
  • E-MAIL/FTP $50.00 /F
  • KEYING $3.00 /M
  • MAG TAPE $30.00 /F
  • P/S LABELS $8.00 /M
  • RUN CHARGES $6.00 /M

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