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Targeting FHA Streamline Leads

Ahh... It's Nice to offer lower monthly payments and actually help mortgage refinance streamline prospects these days, AND Doing it without all the typical paperwork is simply icing on the cake.

FHA Streamline Leads and brokers alike will love the quick processing of this very easy loan program. From start to finish they are looking at a month to a month and a half to complete this loan. In fact the sooner the contractor and the FHA consultant get together at the property and put together an acceptable contract, the sooner the tweaking can highlight what the client needs to see locked in. In our times of recession the best and only choice for homeowners is to get into an FHA loan for the savings, there is no downside the rates are at historic lows so it's an upward move on all counts.

Call 800-884-8395 to find out how many FHA Prospects we have in your states.

The FHA loan has (See FHA Leads) always been about the credit parameters with plenty of creativity from assumable loans to the banks leeway with HUD guidelines. Even now with all of the hullabaloo in our housing market, a home buyer can still get an FHA mortgage loan and use the government tax credit of $8K to handle their down payment. Amazing.

If your lending company or loan brokerage company has decided to start working with FHA Streamline Loans you have made the right choice as targeting qualified FHA streamline mortgage leads for this type of loan program has become extremely easy these days. That is, if you know how.

Federal Loans and Other Government Lending Programs

There's nothing to lose and so much available in our country to assist homeowners. Our government has produced some programs that are working to stabilize pricing in the housing market and alleviate the fear of foreclosures. Beyond that there are accommodations that go along with the FHA Streamline. Leads can purchase or upgrade to Energy Efficient Appliances. In 2009 there was $8K slated per household for this program, another one has provisions for FHA leads to avail up to two thousand dollars for weather stripping.

Speaking of stripping, the FHA Streamline refinance process strips down the paperwork so much so that the pressure of income or credit qualifications is nil. Of all of the federally insured mortgage programs to get consumers into a home ownership situation or refinance to lower an interest rate and/or access some cash, this one puts a face on flexibility.

For instance, with the FHA Streamline, statutory loan limits are put aside and there is no need for an appraisal if the loan amount is not to exceed the original loan. On the other hand should the mortgagor with equity decide to have an appraisal the closing costs can be rolled over into the loan.

Timing Easy Advances for More Cash

A call or communication through a direct mailer is all it takes to present a picture of what the prospects interest rate should be in a reasonable manner, in fact we have creatives already made up and ready to be customized so that a combination of calls and mail can be started within a day or two, AND at a discount below any other offers out there.

Of course,it's safe to assume that it is going to be great for finding the prospectsquickly but just wait to see how much over the single percentage point of response your marketing team has no doubt become accustomed to. Lets not forget that with our screening process these prospects will not only qualify but they will also be in a position to use your services.

With a refinance lead response that almost always lands over the norm, especially with FHA mortgage leads, you can factor in whether or not this process will be worth the above mentioned marketing costs but lets not forget that our company has been tweaking and testing with millions per year for over 10 years.

We have been able to specifically target, qualify, and present an offer that will entice homeowners with FHA loans who are employed and had never missed a single loan payment missing a payment since they bought the home 13 months ago into streamlining their loans.

If you still linger with some hesitation, you can go over the projected profits with a consultant simply call us during business hours at 800-884-8395 or contact us here for market reports.

There are other many ways the person can find profit from the FHA mailing lists but it should be used properly. It absolutely does not matter where a person is from anyone should have the ability to generate a good living.

Contact us today! - Read more about FHA streamline lead Lists here: Mortgage Mailing Lists

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