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Direct Mail Moving and Shaking Up Commerce

Business Considerations for Direct Mail

Every single mail piece moving in and around our country is subject to a conveyance cost. This is not news to most consumers, typically choosing mail services based on location and wait lines. With consumers it's a hit or miss decision giving a slight nod to the pricing structure which will determine handling instructions and the delivery timeframe for their parcels, letters and posts.

Direct Mail Business Marketinggets a good deal of scrutiny . In business the volume of commerce needs the same surety that goes into any mail service plan. Most business will mull over bulk rates, service capacity, postage meters, permits and pickups.

Questions will broach reputation and the synergy of handling Front office communications (contracts, documents, agreements, marketing) as well as shapes and sizes of product from the Shipping Department. Then Direct Mail Business Marketing reputation comes into play beyond its renown when it takes the position of extending a service that is based on the guarantee of another company.

The Insightful Company Business will consider direct mail services carefully until finally they enter a verdict and a relationship with a carrier for their business to business and business to consumer mailing list.
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Synopses of Direct Mail Types

First Class Mail:

First Class mail is reliable for delivery from one to three days as long as the correct and updated address is indicated. Correspondence and packages using first class mail within our country have a set rate based on weight and package shape; for International destinations rates are based on weight and distance. When a company uses First Class Mail the notion of receiving a statement of import is much higher than with bulk mail.

Standard Mail:

We think of Standard Mail when we need to send communications out in volume. It's main feature is a lower price rate which usually results in a slightly longer delivery time. While urgent or timely messages are not good candidates for Standard mail, it shines when it's time to send out direct mail business marketing news and information. Business interested in keeping an active profile with B2B relationships and competition will find that Standard Mail is the appropriate choice.

Bulk Postage:

Like Standard Mail there is a savings attached to sending correspondence using Bulk rates. This deeper savings comes at a time-price for business as part of the processing that the post office would ordinarily do is shifted to the sender. Bulk Rate Postage users take on some of the preparation work, presorting by zip code and dropping off at different post offices. Bulk rate also has a requirement that goes to the minimum number of mail pieces; for instance in order to qualify for the discount First Class must have 500 Mail pieces , Standard Mail must have 200 mail pieces or come in at 50 pounds. The cost effectiveness of Bulk Rate Postage is a question that every business marketer needs to ask.

Express Mail: Overnight Mail:

Delivered next day Express Mail is a powerful tool in industry; but not often utilized. The cost factor which is much higher for Express Mail could be the reason that it doesn't come near the utilization figures of other postal types in business. Express Mail is a great option when it's needed; but when a business is running smoothly there is not much call for an urgent carrier service.

Priority Direct Mail:

Priority Mail Is like First Class Mail in that it is delivered within three days; but the comparison ends there. Priority Mail has a flat price rate for domestic mail. This price is determined by a tiered weight and postal zone chart that depends on where the mail originates. The use of Priority Mail is simple, specific envelopes and boxes are provided which can accommodate direct mail up to seventy pounds with a measurement not over one hundred and eight inches overall. Charting comparison rates is best when considering Priority Mail.

Non-Profit Organizations Rate:

The Non-Profit Organizations Rate requires that a business entity apply to the U.S. Postal Service for approval that takes into account the non profit status of the organization and its primary purpose. Once approved the business is given a special rate cut allowing them to give greater support to their mission. This new rate is equivalent to a forty percent discount over all commercial mail services. The status is reviewed often by the Postal Service to be sure that it is not abused or used to send outside of its parameters.

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