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B2B Direct mail - Facts:

B2B Direct Mail Tips

B2B direct mail

For those who are considering marketing their product by buying or renting B2B direct mails, they should consider a lot of factors first before they decide on what to do first.

Naturally, since you are supposedly targeting people who are more likely to become your customers, it is important for you to know who are listed on the list that you are buying or renting. If you say to yourself that you should target finance professional because you are offering new accounting analysis software, then you should try to see if the ones in your B2B direct mail are accountants, finance manager, traders or chief financial officers and other types of financial professionals in general.

You should also ensure that the ones in you B2B direct mail came from a high quality source. Good sources are those that came from subscribers of a particular publication wherein you can be sure that everyone on that list is interested with anything in connection to your products industry classification. Lower quality sources are those that came from directories, newspapers and trade shows and the like because the ones listed there are not exactly going to be relevant to your products being offered. This is why they are labeled as aging more quickly than those that came from subscribers of highly targeted publications.

You also have to consider whether the ones in your prospective list are good buyers by looking at their buying history. If they had only recently bought a product in the same category as yours, then they are definitely better than the ones who didn’t buy a product in your category for the last ten years or so. You can add to this screening qualification the number of times that they bought a product of your category. This show how likely they are to spend again. Lastly, the amount of money spent by the ones listed in your rented B2B direct mail is the final qualifier in the determination of the quality of mailing list that you have bought or rented.

Also, you have to determine the usefulness of your purchased mailing lists by determining if the contents are still valid individuals who did not change address or contact information. Another way of doing this validation of the names listed is also the frequency that the list is compared to the postal service records of possible address change. You should also check out if the B2B direct mail you are considering is rented as well by your competitors so that you know if your prospects are swamped by offers similar to yours or if you had found yourself an untapped niche. Lastly, you should see if the mailing list has been actually tested by other businesses that offer products within your industry.
If you happen to know your competitors as well, it would give you a very good idea by now if you should buy or rent any particular mailing list.

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