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The first step in planning to acquire a direct mailing liat is to set specific goals for specific results to determine if the direct mail campaign is successful. You have to set objectives that work in terms of your audience, your product, your offer, and your sales methods.

Decide on the result you want and what you can realistically hope to achieve by using this direct amiling list? What traits, wants or needs do your current clients have in common?

Using the professionals at which are experienced in researching and providing marketing lists for mailing campaigns to aid you with your marketing plan may be a sound investment, in fact we offer a free 15 min consultation, just call 8010884-8395.

A great Marketing List company will help you to determine your best customers by providing marketing lists that can offer characteristics such as: are they male/female, young/old, rich/poor, city dwellers or country dwellers, what do they do for work, hobbies, who would be most receptive to your direct mail message.

Sales potential through mailing leads is usually large enough that even a few sales finance the cost of mailing many times over.

A major advantage of a good direct mail marketing list is that it's easy to test out and inexpensive to change, your list company is very valuable to this process. Targeted Marketing lists are the cornerstone of a good mail campaign so knowing your customers will save a lot of time and money. You may be selling one product to many different types of customers each with different interests so you would want to tailor your message to the different markets, for example a broker selling investments might accent low-risk in the mailing to retired people but stress tax-free in the same campaign for professionals.

Put Emphasis On Targeting Business Prospects For This Type Of Campaign

Once prominent executives with mailings aimed at top management would be all about service, commitment and your company's reputation and track record, then a mailing sent to the company treasurer or vice president could stress savings etc. depending on whether you are after sales or leads you will need to pick your key benefit for your customer, if they are primarily concerned with cost you might stress "saves money" if they are more concerned with potency your key benefit might be "strength guaranteed" or "highest reliability" any other features and benefits you mention will support and reinforce the main emphasized message.

Once you have a list of all the features you might include in your ad copy you will want to mention the benefits for the customer, and determine your offer. Successful direct mail list purchase usually has a free offer, or a discount offer or something to entice people to respond, you want them to take part in the offer with a call or an order. So a "try it free" or "mail the no obligation form" works well as does a thirty day trial or a percentage off the regular price, to sell your offer; and what could be better than a toll free number, with businesses this works wonders if via a direct mail piece, you get a company interested in a free demonstration you are certainly closer to a sale than if you just sent out a flyer describing a system that could be useful. You are in the door.

About Direct Mailing Lists

Always explain why what you offer will make the boss, the secretary and the do better. If i didn't know lycos, it is this constant barrage of the name "lycos", over and over again, that would make this brand known me (if i was not already aware of it). Onever give a job anyone in a client's family. I wrote an ad with the headline: Mummy mummy ive passed.

Whether a positioning or proposition is valid. This is not exactly true but the brochure is probably going put over the same arguments as the letter with illustrations and in a slightly different tone - its just less personal.

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