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Consumer Mailing Lists promote market activity based on interests, attitudes, opinions and typical patterns of behavior. There are as many types of consumer lists as there are ways to pull them. Much of the lifestyle information gathered to target consumers, is available in three ways. There is Opt-in Stimulus where information is volunteered, surveys, both conducted (financial decision-making) and gifted(opinions) and Public Data.

The Basis of a Direct Mailing List

Here at we have consultants sitting in on major market happenings as well as the testing of campaigns.There is no easier way to begin a marketing campaign than with up-to-date professional advice.

When a Niche Market isn'ta Niche Market

Many businesses shoulder into the economy without having the slightest idea of developments there. It takes a clean mind to market, preconceived notions have to go. For example, our opinions of teenagers have been subject to a vocal and physical presentation of independent and solitary thinkers; but the facts are different. The facts tell us that teenagers follow trends in a very big way.cml

The teenage dollar is awesome, it's out there and typically it's not slated for bills. Since most kids are taught to "save" when they want something, marketers need to be on top of this specialty list, organizing and advertising events with competitions and sought-after prizes. Many will seek out the teenager at musical events or other youth participation spots.

Another wide open market is that of New Parents, consider what must be had in the household of a brand new being, everything from layettes to insurance for starters. Life always draws a corollary of events to the economy.

So the business that wants a presence; but doesn't have a clue about the marketplace needs a service that goes beyond taking orders and moving on. Marketers know how to gauge campaign expectation and they know how to choose leads for an impressive ROI.

Recently, one of our reorder clients called in for another batch of loan modification leads; her consultant brought up the work being done to bring down the housing inventory with the first time home buyers tax credit that had just gone into extension. She decided to change her lead type and go with consumers that weren't aware that they were now included in the program based on the years of being in the home. Her team is now working exclusively with this market and will probably continue to do so until the extension ends.

Another client that wasn't very specific about his mortgage late leads beyond that they be 60 day lates decided with his consultant to contact consumers much further into forelosure that now qualified for programs they had previously been turned down for based on a lender relationship. These leads had a much higher ROI and we expect that with reorder they will be requested over the 60 day late leads.

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The Custom Filters of a Lifestyle Lead

Some companies know about and benefit from the fact that consumers will go a long way to imitate celebrities. These prospects are willing to buy into lifestyles as a distinction of their own personal flair and panache. They are sophisticated and willing prospects waiting to be sold on prestige. This is (if research tells us anything) and will always be a huge and growing market. From there we have the knockoff market which holds another steady and healthy place in promotion.

The media provides all of the essential tools to fill the spotlight and it works both ways. The consumer that likes to label themselves as a part of "trend" and the marketer that puts forward a good message to create that label. This is a great pairing that will always move in sales cycles.

When we consider the effect of Branding we know that it can be a strong incentive lasting through a consumers lifetime, many times "choice" is unconscious. Knowing that a set opinion has its own drive, is knowing what you can do in the marketplace.

Finally, consumer lists are available with the collection of paid opinion.  There are copious books (including ebooks) and websites that deal with marketing techniques. There are conferences and audio-visual discussions made to help a business succeed by targeting leads. All of this is good, but working with an experienced consultant delivers the edge that makes a good company great.

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