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Research Consumer Debt Leads online with fresh, and up-to-date Business Lists ideas that are invaluable to companies offering service over the phone or through the mail.

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Consumer Debt Leads create a tracking strategy tailored specifically for your business marketing campaigns. Be sure to see our special limited time offer for your first order...

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Credit Score Marketing Lists, and Scored Direct Mail Leads for marketing to that exact nitch that will need your services.

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As one of the few companies that are able to provide you with Debt Mailing Lists Directly From The Source, we can deliver 100% QUALIFIED prospects that actually need your service. Another very important service is keeping your data acquisition compliant with the ever changing rules provided by the FTC.

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With Access to credit bureau, Mortgage Broker Marketing, and lead gen services including Credit Scored data, Automotive loan Information, Bankruptcy lead lists Mortgage Information INCLUDING late payments of 30-60-90 or 120 days and equity amounts (see a full list of mortgage list selects here).

In direct mail testing is the process of sending out your list using credit score targeted direct mail piece or package (better), Tracking the replies and coming to a conclusion based on the pre- qualification of the results. In traditional credit scored direct mail tests, two or more mailings or segments of mailings are tested against one another simultaneously, to see which one pulls in more orders, or you might take a direct mail piece and mail it to two different Consumer Debt Mailing Lists from separate credit bureaus to check the responses.

Even if you only mail one package or one letter or use only one list at a time you can still learn something from the scored mailing and learning is the purpose of direct mail testing.

Many marketers who use credit ranking only do minimal testing certainly not as much as you could and should. Every time you do a targets mailing using a Consumer Debt Leads you should be testing out something new to see what it can do for your company and its bottom line. We so far too many companies simply settle for "good enough" resultssimply because it was profitable.

The whole reason for acquiring a credit targeted mailing list, which costs a premium, is to increase and KEEP increasing your mailings results. If you don't, you are not only losing money but you are losing an opportunity to learn something about the prospects who respond to your companies offer.

Of course if you mail out five thousand mail pieces and only get two responses you have learned a great deal about that particular audience, and the product that your featured in your mailing. So if you have a targeted list of ten thousand or five thousand names why not divide it up into sections and test something, an offer, a product, a price, don't settle for just selling when you can receive knowledge and instruction in the process.

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Some Consumer Debt Leads Rules

U.S. privacy laws are increasingly moving from a presumption that consumers must object to ("opt out" of) uses of personal data they wish to prohibit to a requirement that they must explicitly consent ("opt in ") to uses they wish to permit. Despite the growing reliance on opt-in rules, there has been little empirical research on their costs. This Article examines the impact of opt-in on MBNA Corporation, a diversified, multinational financial institution.

The authors demonstrate that opt-in would raise account acquisition costs and lower profits, reduce the supply of credit and raise credit card prices, generate more offers to uninterested or unqualified consumers, raise the number of missed opportunities for qualified consumers, and impair efforts to prevent fraud.

These costs would be incurred despite the fact that as of the end of 2000, only about two percent of MBNA's customers had taken advantage of existing voluntary opportunities to opt out of receiving MBNA's direct mail marketing offers.

If Congress were to adopt opt-in laws applicable to financial information, the impact across the economy on consumers and businesses would be significant.

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