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Define Your Direct Marketing Audience Create a customized lead generation plan to communicate an offer to prospects whom have already demonstrated a want or need for your products or services

We'll research your market at no cost to help generate the perfect mailing list or group of call leads, if you are visiting us during business hours,

Access high tech methods of finding lists and leads of consumers with specific traits using top Specialty Lists ranging from Automotive and Bankruptcy Data, to Mortgage, debt, and home loans. Data is always pulled fresh the day you recieve it from our nations largest data compilers.

Take your company's sales team to the next level by using Our Targeted Marketing Tools to increase the percentage of sales after the initial response. ( tips2).

Many industries have bulk data vendors that sell data for a fraction of a penny; they take this raw data and work at it in search of new customers. We also provide bulk databases and call lists for as low as a tenth of a penny but only where it makes sense. Most of the time, it is best to pay a little more to make sure the prospects have shown an interest. Myself, along with 99% of our long term clients, believe that with all the effort, the salaries + taxes, and then the management involved in bulk data lead generation it gets to be too expensive and time consuming to go the bulk way. Most of us prefer more of a "lay down lead base".

Big Data!.. new? - I think not...

The level of effort. neededto work in bulk data just does not make sense when we could simply take a short list of good customers and use them to model a lead list that only costs 20/M-30/M (2 to 3 cents per record) and has traits, lifestyle, charactoristics, and buying habits similar to your existing client base. This is what people are branding as "big data" and it is not new, in fact we have been using this method since 2002 and some I know go way back to the 80's.

If you are in a rush but want to give this proven method a shot, we can still turn it around same day.

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Business Contact Leads

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Unlimited access to Four major US b2b databases with over 120 filters + Millions of Contact Record, all Sortable and downloadable with subscription.

About Consumer Leads

Consumer Prospects

Insight to lifestyle and habits using "Big Data" Analytics. Hundreds of data points including, habits, lifestyle ( auto, boating), true financial data.

Mortgage Lead Services

Lender Sales Leads

Reach Millions of Financially Qualified Home Mortgage loan Holders and use hundreds of pre-qualifying Filters With Top Quality Mortgage Lead Servicesdesigned to make loan brokering easy and profitable.

an established marketing Service company

Entrepreneurs who have been in business a while will better understand what it takes to be a successful start up in the world of commerce. No Doubt they learned that the demands and needs of small business are subject to some key requirements. New business typically gropes in the dark, trying to find its way, many collapse, (according to the Small Business Administration over 50% of small business fails in the United States). This is a problem that can be solved with the support available via a partnership with a well-respected marketing company.

Foraging An Alliance with an established marketing Service company can move a small business into a future where leads are plentiful and profits are high.

Direct Marketing for instance, can quickly and creatively introduce products locally or internationally. Whether the promotion is fitted with a specialized consumer list or calls for a business SIC Code list, the Marketing Company can be of service in laying out the parameters of a campaign, gauging its success (customer experience, engagement) and then recommending modifications that may be needed to accomplish the best return on investment for the next run. Savvy to tried-and-true strategies as well as to the experimental game plan that can or should be launched they will tenaciously organize a wide array of activities allowing the start-up to make and hold its marketplace appearance.

Many new and emerging companies will appreciate learning as they have little idea of how to market themselves. Along with the range of services that a marketing consultant can provide, they can easily assist a business as it prepares to emerge no matter the early budget. Those entrepreneurs that have been around the block know that itÕs more important to extend the company budget first to marketing before it goes out to overhead expense. The business plan itself can be more dependent on Marketing in view of competition than on moving beyond the cottage.

A bit of research provides long term benefits on the subject of choosing and working with a Marketing Company. Business marketing is not an easy task. Many newbies try and skip this process altogether and most while trying to figure out their approach to their consumers will make numerous mistakes, losing precious time and resources as they begin to understand how essential it is to have competent marketing. Most industry is changing dramatically as we expand into a technical age, concepts, methods even the tools and connections of commerce have been transformed demonstrating a much higher learning curve for the fledgling organization whose primary focus should be on their own calling.

We offer many morney generating options Choose fromVery Specific Categories Such as Homeowner Marketing Lists (even FHA Streamline and Reverse Loan Leads), Business Lists or very detailed Consumer Debt Leads, we present options to you allowing the most interest, behavior and lifestyle and financial selects on the market today.

Some business to business marketing firms paint themselves as experts in some field or another, we have taken financial and mortgage marketing to the next level with hundreds of new projects coming about each week and the ability to customize any campaign to match every single loan program you can throw at us, we are here to make your company successful and to win your business for the life of your company.

Our specialty is in the finance industry, You'll Love having Access to Consumer Debt Prospects, coupled with a unique style of Lender marketing services which we offer for your business.

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Eliminate issues by pre-qualifying leads before making any effort on them, use the resulting pre-qualified Mortgage Refinance Leads to assure that we are not wasting our time and money on deals that can not work.

We are Professionals with over 60 years combined experience in direct marketing lead generation and for 12 years our top consultants have worked as a team here in San Diego. This long-term team atmosphere offers us a keen understanding of how to keep a sales team working as well as how it should be presented to our clients.

It's Our Job to make yours easier, use the short Quick Response Form and tell us about your specific marketing goals. We'll put our heads together to present campaign choices that will get your offer in front of qualified buyers.

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